About Sudoksho

Sudoksho is the unique learning platform, offering high-quality courses online to the knowledge seekers. The journey started with a noble purpose of creating, enhancing and sharing quality knowledge, education and skill enhancing training. The objective is to make knowledge available and accessible among the mass people, with the help of modern technology.

At Sudoksho, the courses are authored and facilitated by the leading researchers, industry specialists, subject matter experts and academicians from the country’s best institutions; specifically for Sudoksho. The uniqueness lies in the basis of course design; that is following global standards in Bangladeshi context. It offer courses both in English and Bengali to satisfy needs of different set of learners.

With continuous effort to create variety of courses parallel to the ceaselessly changing skill set of individual; Sudoksho aspires to be the lifelong partner for individual’s learning; So that people can continuously learn, grow and enhance their life.

On Sudoksho, you can have:

Trainings leading to recruitment

Successful training preferred at your workplace will boost your recruitment probability

Content sharing policy

Client’s ready-made content can be shared via our platform to reach their employees

Customized learning experience

Content can be customized as per client’s requirements to satisfy their needs

Sharable Course and Specialization Certificates

Certificates that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn Profile