AML & CFT course for BANK

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Course Overview

Worldwide criminals adapt to many ways to disguise their unlawfully earned money into legitimate or legally earned wealth. This process of money laundering is often linked to most forms of organized crime & terrorist activities. To prevent this laundering and counter the financing of terrorism worldwide financial institution takes many measures according to the Anti Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism acts. These regulations and guidance are mandatory to be followed by bank officials. This course of AML & CFT for banks offers professional guidance to the bank or financial institution individuals. 

What you'll learn:

  • You will learn the AML & CFT regime

  • Latest AML & CFT Compliance for banks. 

  • You will learn about criminal practices & their mechanism of it.  

  • Awareness of potential red flag incidents & suspicious behavior. 

  • Learn about correspondent banking relationships and AML requirements with examples. 

  • Understanding wire transfers and newer techniques of laundering. 

  • Identifying suspicious transactions & users. 


What Do I Teach in This Course?

  • Money laundering & anti-money laundering. 

  • Risk-based approaches & how they work. 

  • Policies identification & implementation. 

  • Wire transfers & AML CFT measures. 

  • Existing laundering channels. 

  • How you can build up your identification process. 

  • Ways of transaction monitoring.

  • Practical sessions & examples.  

Who is This Course For?

  • Bankers, Investment Bankers, Leasing professionals, Brokers, Stock Market Professionals,

  • Financial Intelligence Unit FIU professionals,

  • Compliance professionals, AML / CFT Professionals,

  • Branch Managers / Operations Managers,

  • Risk Managers,

  • Auditors,

  • CAMS students, Audit students, and others who have basic knowledge about Compliance and AML and want to learn more about this important area.

The Additional Benefits Provided In This Course:

  • Assignments to apply the theoretical knowledge to your practice. 

  • Answers to your questions through the Q&A section.

  • Learning materials for better insight. 


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AML & CFT course for BANK


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