Fundamentals of Sales

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Last updated Apr 23, 2022

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Course Overview

What you'll learn:

  • How to sell products & services according to sales fundamentals.

  • The secrets behind sales & success. 

  • How to create a product that creates demand & sales.

  • Selling yourself and your ideas to your colleagues and management.

  • Selling your vision and dreams by crafting them using sales fundamentals.

  • Where & how to sell your products & how to present them. 

  • Learning a successful distribution model. 

  • Identify your product's target audience and create a customer persona.

  • Identifying & analyzing market and product standing. 


  • Anyone who has the willingness to learn sales fundamentals to sell themselves, their ideas, vision, product, or service can enroll in this course. 

  • Anyone who takes this course should be willing to give time to rethink their sales strategy and business

What do I teach in this course?

  • Sales fundamental concepts and how to apply them according to business needs.

  • Sales concepts that allow you to sell your ideas and vision to your management.

  • Sales basics to learn how to sell your ideas in your community and even relationship.

  • The tools to understand your customers, and make selling to them easily.

  • How your product/service can add value and enrich people's lives.

  • How to not just create a sales company, but a long-lasting brand.

  • The way to attract loyal raving fans of your brand that generate growth for you.

  • How to analyze failed and successful products through case studies.

  • I also offer free consultation in this course to help you grow your product business exponentially.

Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow sales of their product/service.

  • Salesmen who want to understand sales fundamentals.

  • Employees who want to understand how to sell their ideas to their management.

  • Anyone who wants to sell their vision to the world.

The additional benefits provided in this course -

  • Assignments to apply the theoretical knowledge to your own business.

  • Answers to your questions through the Q&A section as well as direct messaging.

  • Free 30-min consulting call.

  • Case studies of failure and successful companies.

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Fundamentals of Sales


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