The Art of Public Speaking

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Last updated Aug 12, 2022

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Course Overview

In life, in school, and in business, we are often faced with the task of presenting our thoughts and ideas in front of people. Whether you are an entrepreneur pitching an amazing idea, a student giving an important presentation in front of a class, or a teacher looking to captivate your students, you know that talking in front of people can be difficult even after getting public speaking tips from the best. Delivering effective speeches is not just about mastering the talking, it's a combination of many things. 

This course of the art of public speaking gives you reliable techniques for delivering a powerful public speaker capable of leaving a lasting impression. After completing this course, you will be ready to deliver your ideas and speech memorably to an audience. If you are a beginner, this course will help you quickly master the fundamentals of public speaking. If you are a seasoned speaker, it will help you better understand public speaking and push you to the next level of mastery.

What you'll learn:

  • Managing & leading your own voice of authority. 
  • Mastering the way of what to say & how to say it.     
  • Public speaking tips for students to prepare confident speeches in leadership roles
  • Organize your presentation with an easy, memory recall strategy. 
  • Develop your speaking skills so that you persuade and motivate your audience. 
  • Adapt your speaking topics & pieces of information on the fly.   
  • Starting & ending the speech with a BANG. 


  • This course was designed for anyone who needs confidence in public speaking but a good grip of English is necessary.  
  • You’ll also need a good grasp of knowledge & vocabulary to take full advantage of this course.
  • The commitment to complete the course in full, get involved, and practice.

What do we teach in this course?

  • Identify and tune the voice according to the situation.   
  • Ways to say once but say it right.   
  • Gain key research skills & put the information right.     
  • Managing volume and pace to keep the audience engaged. 
  • Regulating your expression and body language.  
  • Standing right and using gestures effectively & many more. 

Who is this course for?

  • Young & Successful Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Course Creators, Instructors, Teachers, eCourse Designers, Startups, CEOs & Non-profits, Attorneys, Marketers, SmallBusiness owners & Students.
  • Whoever wants to enhance their public speaking skills.  
  • Introverts, Extroverted Introverts & Ambiverts. 
  • Teachers & Leaders, who communicate to a number of people on day to day basis.  
  • Women who suffer from a lack of confidence in public places.

The additional benefits provided in this course:

  • This course will teach you a new way of speaking in public which will eventually better your personal communication skills tool. 
  • Answers to your questions through the Q&A section.
  • Self-paced learning for effective action.



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The Art of Public Speaking


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